Regenerative Songlines Australia


In early 2020, several regenerative practitioners who are now part of ‘Regenerative Songlines Australia’, were invited by Common Earth, part of the Commonwealth Secretariat, to initiate a ‘Regenerative Roadmap Australia’ project.

Common Earth aims to offer advice to Commonwealth countries on how to undertake regenerative development and to demonstrate examples of best practice. As part of this, Common Earth is providing an avenue for the 53 member states of the Commonwealth to share knowledge on the creation of national Regeneration Roadmaps.

Australia is a continent comprised of hundreds of First Nations stewarding immensely diverse bioregions. Consequently, for many First Nations peoples and Australian regeneration practitioners, the language of a national regeneration roadmap is problematic. As Australian regeneration projects are locally and bioregionally based, we see our engagement with Common Earth as about fostering dialogue, sharing ideas and learning between various diverse projects across Australia,  and between Australian projects and international Common Earth groups and exemplars.

Regenerative Songlines Australia connects with Common Earth, connects with Regenerative Roadmap partners such as Costa Rica and New Zealand, and promotes Australia’s initiatives to the rest of the world.