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Biography :
From experience in retail, to classical singing and theatre to public service and now regenerative entrepreneurship, Aimee has worked in a wide variety of business models and sectors. From small family business, to corporate and cooperative, Aimee has a variety of languages, cultures and conventions to draw on as a proud First Nations Gamilaroi - Irish woman. Currently growing food, researching a method to make home drawdown practices mainstream and helping to educate the Cleantech sector about our existing "Hydrogen Economy" before the next one arrives.
Personal Statement :
I pay my respects to the Aunties, Uncles, Sisters and Brothers in this network, my Ancestors and Ancestors of the land of the Wonnarua, where I live and work. I am thankful for our innovation and culture that brings the resilience of what CSIRO now says could be 120,000 years.
I also thank my allies here who are culturally aware and championing mine and all First Nations voices in other forums. Though I fight with trauma, I know it is my responsibility to go forward, and I look forward to resilience lessons of many kinds.