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Ethan Gordon

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  • Ethan Gordon

Biography :
Ethan Gordon is a PhD Candidate with the Institute for Sustainable Futures. He is using critical discourse analysis to explore the different characteristics of regenerative agricultural approaches. Through action research, he aims to understand how organisations can work with discourses to facilitate transformation towards more resilient agricultural landscapes. He is particularly interested in how language, and the way it is used, impacts how land is subsequently managed. Ethan puts his findings into practice on his family's own regenerative pastoral property, Moffat Falls.

Moffat Falls is primarily a steer trading operation, with a focus on carbon farming. Through holistic management, Ethan and his family utilise their grazing animals for carbon sequestration. They are amongst the early adopters of carbon farming with the view of trading. They also run eco-tourism through the Yaraandoo Environmental Lodge, which has won awards for its environmental design. This includes self-contained cabins, fly-fishing tours, respite retreats, corporate events, weddings and workshops. They have recently been hit with drought, two major fires and COVID-19. Their regenerative approaches, practices and philosophies have underpinned their survival and success in the face of these challenges.
Personal Statement :
Fundamentally, we are disconnected from our places. Our ecological illiteracy and the sense of separateness we feel from ecological communities has manifested into planetary breakdown. I'm committed to regenerative practices because I share a deep relationality with the place that reared me. It is my greatest responsibility and honour to be a member of that ecological community. My work hopes to support a cultural shift, so that even when I'm gone the next generation will protect that community even better than I am able to today.