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  • Janet Salisbury

Biography :
Janet has a background in medical research but in the early 1990s she founded made a career change into science communications. Through this work, she developed a strong interest in dialogue around public policy issues. For the past 14 years, she has extended that interest, as well as the role of the arts in public discourse, through her membership of A Chorus of Women. Janet was the initiator and facilitator of a series of 'Canberra Conversations' hosted by A Chorus of Women from 2009–2014. These conversations brought together citizens from across different professional and political perspectives for conversations about environmental and development issues, the arts, peace and human rights
Most recently, Janet has founded of the Women’s Climate Congress. In January 2020, with bushfires still raging, she called the women in her networks to two meetings in Canberra to discuss her ideas around amplifying women’s voices for a collaborative nonpartisan approach for climate action. Since then, the Congress has become a diverse national network of women with plans for a National Congress of Women later in 2021. Janet has hosted webinars and met countless women, parliamentarians and community leaders, promoting the Congress vision for collaborative action to stabilise the climate.
Personal Statement :
I have been involved with a number of projects over the years that seek to understand and respect Aboriginal knowledge and culture. These have included involvement with the Frontier Wars storytelling and march on Anzac day, and support for Invasion Day protests and changing the date of Australia Day, With Honey Nelson, I was also one of the supporters of Kevin Buzzacott, in the Elders Peach Gathering/New Dreaming initiative , which was planned for April 2020 but was not able to go ahead due to COVID-19. At the centre of this gathering, we were planning 'Deep Talks' to facilitate First Nations and settler knowledge holders together to listen deeply and share experience around care for country .

The Women's Climate Congress is actively building relationships with First Nations women and is committed to deep listening and learning from Indigenous knowledge - including in relation to our role as women . Our vision states:
We share a vision to restore climate balance by 2030. In this future, women’s leadership has helped turn the tide of political culture from polarised discord to collaboration and cooperation. Nurture of life and care for the Earth are at the centre of every government decision.

Two of out commitment/values statement are:
* We acknowledge the ancestral wisdom of First Peoples and accept our responsibility as custodians of a precious world that must be nurtured as it nurtures us.
* Connecting head, heart and hands, we will collaborate across all genders to restore nurture of life and care for the Earth to the centre of every decision made at every level, local to national and international.