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Biography :
I am from Aotearoa (NZ), and live on Eora Country, Australia. I honour and pay my respects to the Māori and First Nations people of both these lands. It is my dream to give back to Mother Earth, who has given so much to me, throughout my life. I have a passion for engaging with stakeholders to help nature and communities thrive together. This brings together my experience and qualifications in community engagement, communications and marketing, event management, theatre, facilitation and health. I am currently working for the health of unique city ecosystems and waterways. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.
Personal Statement :
The Regenerative Practitioner course with Regenesis, showed me the importance of understanding the uniqueness of place and designing for evolution. It is our First Nations custodians, elders and communities that continue to be leaders in understanding and caring for Country, over deep time. I want to be on the right side of history and play my part in supporting the unceded sovereignty of First Nations and the healing of Country. I believe the indigenous leadership within the Regenerative Australia Songlines Network, will help us work together for the laws of the land, in relationship with all life.