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Leanne Thompson

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  • Leanne Thompson

Biography :
Leanne Thompson is a multidisciplinary artist and member of Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation. While operating in the wider field of sculpture and public art, Leanne’s practice promotes collaboration and community outside conventional art spaces. Recent projects include large scale often participatory installations. She utilises solar energy, light, sound, natural materials, landed residencies and workshops to explore interactive and interdependent relationships embedding humanity within the complexity of ecosystems. Social engagement and sustainable practices are intrinsic to this process which aims to expand knowledge, understanding and modes of communication.
Currently, her research and artwork focus on retention of water in the landscape; floodplains, wetlands and watercourses. Gathering from the landscape and drawing on the oral history and tacit knowledge of regenerative farmers, ecologists and with deep respect of Aboriginal knowledge and connection, Leanne creates material narratives that harness observation and data through and also into living processes.