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Elizabeth Connor

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  • Elizabeth Connor

Biography :
I'm a retired teacher, with experience in teaching people of all ages in various subject/course areas, eg
in NSW secondary schools: English Language, Literature & Theatre Production;
in NSW TAFE: Child Care Certificate, Adult Literacy, Disabilities Consultancy;
in U3A Groups in NSW & Tasmania: Easy Food Growing for Beginners & Renters, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, Ecological Theory & Practice in Australia, Human Evolution from 'The Big Bang' on.
However I have minimal experience in teaching Aboriginal children.
Personal Statement :
Inspired by my mother (who founded our local (ANTaR) Reconciliation group in Richmond, NSW in 1997, three years before she died), I've had a lifelong commitment to increasing my awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal wisdom, knowledge and cultural practice - and more recently to becoming an ally in promoting the incorporation of indigenous teachings at all levels of education. I have contact with our local indigenous group, South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation (SETAC), and attend their NAIDOC week events each year. I am also currently rewilding the area beyond the vegetable garden & food forest on my regional urban block in the Huon Valley, with appropriate endemic plants of South East Tasmania's sclerophyll forests. And, like many other 'blow-ins from the mainland', I'm particularly interested in learning about cultural burning techniques.