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Marie Dennis

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  • Marie Dennis

Biography :
A Birri Gubba woman from Ayr North Queensland, who also honours her connection to her South Sea Islander ancestors of Ambae Island.
Paying homage to our First Nations People of the lands, waters and seas in which we all live. Respecting ancestors past, elders present and those who are and will continue to keep the fight and culture alive.
With over 20 years experience in Community Services she is passionate about supporting people to rebirth cultural practices and knowledge through guidance, instilling courage and providing access to essential tools on their journeys toward self-empowerment, self-determination and holistic wellbeing. Her career has lead her to many different environments; Federal Government; Not for Profit Organisations; Community Servicing & Engagement; Youth Work; Children in Out of Home Care; Domestic and Family Violence; Case Co-ordination & management; Program Development & management; Education, Training and Development; health & Wellbeing; Therapeutic care.

Her vision is to help individuals and communities to become the proud, strong and unique spirits they were created to be; through connection, healing, education and empowerment, while striving to create culturally safe spaces for people to connect, learn and heal.
Personal Statement :
Aboriginal Culture and practices are not lost, they are instilled within us. Rebirthing this within ourself, our families and communities should be a priority and is essential for our Mother Earth and for generations to come.
Being a Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner has lead me on a journey of educating people of the importance of regenerative practices through aligning our lives in harmony with Mother Nature and how embracing the knowledge and wisdom of our First Nations people will play an important role in ensuring we create a sustainable future for generations to come.