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Mary Casey

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  • Mary Casey

Biography :
A Principal in Integral's National Sustainability Team, Mary has 25 years of experience in Australia and internationally across projects in nearly every building type. She has worked as an artist, architect, trainer, facilitator, sustainability consultant, project manager, and management consultant. What she does is help people break through barriers, both internal and external, helping her clients do more than they thought was possible. A Founding Director and past Chair of the Board of the Living Future Institute of Australia, she was named a Living Building Hero by the International Living Future Institute in 2014.
Personal Statement :
I believe that reconciliation with the places which support us is the essential work of our time. Regenerative practice starts with awareness: remembering that we are not separate from nature, we are entwined with it, as wholes within ever-larger, nested life systems. Regenerative practices are the means to consciously shift ourselves into relationship with Earth so that the character of our impact is life-generating, rather than destructive. Indigenous peoples have maintained this wisdom, continually honoring this practice for over 60,000 years. For Australia, this is the source - because it has grown out of intimate relationship to country.