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  • Michelle Miller

Biography :
Michelle has 20 years of experience as a coach, leader, facilitator, trainer and designer in many types of design disciplines - including strategy, business design, service design, social innovation, organisational development and transformation, and transition design. She has worked in commercial, government, institutional, philanthropic, non-profit and cross-sector settings. She has experience with a wide range of industries: agriculture, insurance, product development, media, telecommunications, infrastructure, social services and more. The consistent thread across her work is a dedication to building capability to design for innovation and change.

She brings a rich 'backpack' of skills, experiences and expertise to supporting people to design and implement their own transitions.

TransitionAg is a part of the PhD research, 'Designing for Transition to Regenerative Agriculture'.

Michelle lives in the Hunter Valley with her partner Scott Middlebrook.
Personal Statement :
The health of our land and soil are near and dear to my heart. The goal of TransitionAg is to help build supports for farmers and to grow the sector around regenerative agriculture so that regenerative approaches can become mainstream. We seek to be inspired by Aboriginal wisdom, support Aboriginal leadership and incorporate cultural ideology without appropriation and without continuing colonisation.