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Biography :
Resilient Byron aims to
- Support our communities by building resilience in the short term, such as addressing emergency and other immediate needs as well as weaving a fabric of community resilience.
- Transform our society by being regenerative in the long term, by planning for regenerative food, water, housing, energy and social wellbeing as the climate crisis worsens.

We bring together local citizens via a web of geographic groups (e.g. streets, neighbourhoods, valleys, shorelines, etc.) organised as interconnected areas of local resilience, themselves supported by residents organised in thematic groups (food security, water security, housing security, energy security, health & well-being, safety & emergency, etc.) aiming to create resilience and regenerative projects that benefit the wider community.
Personal Statement :
Connection, Regeneration and Resilience are the three ideas underpinning all that we do at Resilient Byron. We aim to connect with our deeper self, with each other and with our ecosystems, regenerate the different systems we rely on so that we create abundance rather than scarcity and, in the process, build our resilience to future disasters and crises.