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Biography :
Trish Hansen is the Founding Principal of Urban Mind Studio.

As a strategist and systems designer in the fields of health, wellbeing, arts and culture, Trish works to enrich the creative and cultural life of people, places, neighbourhoods and cities.

As a natural collaborator and complex systems thinker, Trish has provoked, pioneered and managed social enterprises, projects, programs and quests in the tertiary adult and paediatric health, urban, arts and cultural sectors.

Currently a Good Design Australia Ambassador, Fellow of the Centre for Conscious Design, Board Director of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival, and Executive Director of Kindred Australia, as well as serving on other committees.
Personal Statement :
It's 2030.

The disruption of COVID19 was the catalyst for the transformation of the Australian way of life. First Nations people from across Australia, with the support of non-Aboriginal Australians, led and influenced change in ways of being, knowing and living.

Through the sharing deep time wisdom and culture, with a contemporary spirit, a fundamental shift in heart-set and mind-set took place leading to radial change across industry, environmental protection and restoration, business, economic development, tourism, education, healthcare, social policy, and cultural life.

Today, as one of the happiest, equitable, prosperous, most trusted and cherished places to live on planet Earth, Australia is quietly humbled and deeply grounded by this cultural transformation. It has the worlds richest biodiversity and habitat health, among the lowest of carbon footprints, highest levels of flourishing, lowest rates of crime, alcohol and illicit drug use, mental illness and suicide rates, with among the strongest GDP of the developed nations - fuelled by diverse regenerative industries.

Here we are.