Ross Williams

Ross Williams

Ross [Timmulbar] Williams is a proud Bindal descendent of the Mt Elliot, Townsville and Cape Cleveland clans and the Juru people of Bowen region on his father’s side, and Erub and Mer in the Torres Straits through his mother’s ‘side. Ross lives, works, and gives recognition and respect to the Yuggera and Turrbal clans and peoples, as the rightful Traditional Owners and direct descendants of the original inhabitants, and to their ongoing connection to their traditional estates.

Ross has lived and worked for many years with First Nations land and water based cultural management and has developed that knowledge over his lifetime. He has an in-depth knowledge of applied Indigenous ecological knowledge which has always been historically important to sustainability of life and is still applied today to provide food security for a semi-subsistence lifestyle.

Ross has gained his knowledge through the many years learning and spending time with many First Nations peoples throughout Australia international, but mainly in regional and remote Queensland, learning to read and develop an understanding of different landscapes, bioregion and ecosystems through their knowledge and practises.

He has worked in different roles in the areas of environmental and biodiversity identification and management, bioregions, landscapes, protected areas, and national parks as well as many years in marine and species management.

Ross is keen to share his experience and knowledge with others willing to learn, all the way from the young to not so young and those in-between and who want to gain an understanding looking at applied First Nations peoples knowledge through First Nation lens using First Nations narratives.