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Anthony James

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  • Anthony James

Biography :
Anthony is a fifth generation Australian man living with his family by the ocean in the city of Perth, on Noongar lands. He is host of The RegenNarration podcast, an award-winning facilitator and educator, widely published writer, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, and Warm Data Lab Host Certified by the International Bateson Institute.

He features in a range of media nationally and internationally, is a regular speaker, and hosts conversations on regenerating the systems and stories humanity lives by, at both live events and on The RegenNarration podcast. He has also produced a spin-off series for the Clean State podcast, dedicated to regenerative transitions in his home state of Western Australia. His writing has appeared in publications locally and overseas, including The Conversation, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, WA Today, ABC Online, World Economic Forum, Eco-Business, EconoTimes, Business Standard, Resilience, The Epoch Times, Energy Post, and The Footy Almanac.
Personal Statement :
To paraphrase a previous guest on the podcast, regenerative practice is a way of thinking and living birthed by our Indigenous ancestors over tens of millennia. The term ‘regenerate’ comes from the Latin word ‘regeneratus’, which means ‘created again.’ And today, cultures everywhere are coming to understand it refers to holistic approaches that enable living systems to regenerate themselves. These emerging cultural connections, stories and practices feel to me like the heart of regenerative practice.