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Biography :
Flying Fish Blue is an Indigenous-owned company that specialises in socio-cultural and ecological assessment and advisory services. We design, develop and implement solutions that incorporate Indigenous knowledge systems and principles into business and project planning for greater ecological, social and economic outcomes. Through Informed by our unique methodology of Life-Centred Design, we deliver outcomes driven by fundamental principles of equity, ecology and respect . Our aim is to support our clients in achieving biocultural resilience and sustainable design.
Chels Marshall - Director, Cultural Systems Ecologist , Cultural Design

Chels is a leading Indigenous ecologist with extensive experience in cultural landscape management and design. She has over 28 years of professional experience in cultural ecology and environmental planning, design and management within Government agencies, research institutes, indigenous communities and consulting firms. Chels has extensive experience in urban development projects that have included ecological and cultural landscape perspectives for planning innovation. . Chels is also a Gumbaynggirr designer and artist with over 20 years of experience of artistic expression through exhibiting and production of cultural displays, interpretation, and design.
Personal Statement :
Indigenous-derived planning and design paradigms aim to design for a future of co-existence and co-evolution of humans and other species. Whereas western derived sustainable design aims to provide fundamental human needs as the primary approach with environmental variables seen as services to human systems.
Although Indigenous people have maintained and asserted that cultural obligations and equity to landscapes and species is an ideology that has sustained and assisted many Indigenous people throughout the world during environmental changes. It is only recently that research is increasingly demonstrating the practices and approaches used by Indigenous people to natural resource management. Regenerative practices with Indigenous lens is a tool that can be more effective than approaches created and used by post -colonisation economic practices.